Friday, 29 May 2015

Finally had the chicken tortellini soup at Tallore

I have always wanted to try the chicken tortellini soup but the last time it was on the menu, it was sold out at 1:40pm and the guy forgot to save me some even though I ordered it on the phone~!!!!!!

This time they had it but it was a scorching hot day to have hot soup.
Not the ideal day for soup but tortellini is not always on the menu.

While I was sitting there, it was funny how these old local men would stop and look and me then the shop!
It seems that they have never noticed this shop before and its not the first time I have sat there eating and they just look at me dining there mesmerized! (what the hell is wrong with u guys).

Finally a local young lad came in after looking at the menu for a while.
I was expecting him to choose salad on a hot day but he chose soup!!!!

The smell of their chili con carne is so tempting but then the salads and soups are also tempting!!
chicken tortellini soup:

As expected it was healthy and loaded with vegetables, it was a clear soup with delicious pieces of tortellini it.
I burnt my tongue again drinking soup as I always do because its hard to wait for it to cool down!
Curry Veggie Quinoa & Chickpea Salad:

As well as soup, I tried the curry quinoa, which had a lovely bits of chickpeas in it, but I wish the curry flavouring was stronger.
Kale & Cabbage Slaw with Caraway Ranch Dressing:

Then I had the colourful cabbage slaw which had a light but tasty dressing that was not too heavy.

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