Friday, 5 June 2015

Honeylicious honey bee cake at Maxim's Cake Shop

Maxim’s have launched a sweet honey cake for the summer.
There are two cakes in the series, a honey cake and a honey mousse cake.

Both are pretty in appearance but the the bee hive is cuter.

It is a cute bee hive shaped cake with a layer of honey kanten jelly on top garnished with a chocolate honey stick and two chocolate bees.

Made with Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey which was awarded gold in 2014 by Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.
The cake is covered in honey mousse, with runny honey, a layer of lemon jelly with apple pieces, a soft layer of cake and chocolate cake in the middle.
The poster claims that honey will flow out when you slice it from the centre.

I found it quite a challenge cutting this cake because there is a hard white chocolate thing that holds the honey which is hard to cut hence the honey does not really flow out when you cut it.

Here’s how it looked after I sliced it (The honey didn't quite flow out!).

Although the honey in the middle didn't quite reach the desired effect, the cake was really nice, the fluffy layers of cake with sweet lemon jelly and pieces of apple paired together nicely with the fragrant honey infused mousse.

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