Saturday, 6 June 2015

J'adore Big Fernand

There are lots of mixed reviews on this place, the main complaint is that the patty is too thin but if it is tasty I prefer quality and not quantity.

After trying it, I am convinced to go back because the patties are good and they put decent and FRENCH cheese in it.

You can either choose a burger from the menu or mix and match the way you want it.

The environment was different and I love the French humour because the seats have French jokes on them.

Perche means butt in French and Perche Derche means lick bum!!

Tried two combos, one with salad and one with fries.
La Bartholome:
This was a beef patty with raclette cheese, pork bacon, caramelized onions, chives, BB Fernand sauce and Tata Fernand sauce.

The beef burger was on the sweet side because of the sauce and caramelized onions.

The patty was juicy and tasty quality grounded pure beef without any chewy bits that you couldn't chew!
Create your own burger:
Lamb patty with Fourme d'Ambert, grilled eggplant, coriander and tonton Fernand.

Each bite was amazing because the cheese was strong with a slight tart flavour and the lamb was velvety and didn't have a gamey taste.


Finally a place that serves proper French fries, what I mean by that is freshly cut fries that are fried and served on the same day.
They had a delicious sweetness in it with a silky centre.
Homemade salad:

It was topped with delicious sun dried tomatoes which gave it a delicious savoury flavour.

Big Fernand lemonades:
There are three flavours: original, lemon and grapefruit.

Each one has a French joke on it, the grapefruit one says to get your lover back if you drink it and the original says hair will grow faster and longer, while the lemonade one says to run faster and longer.
The original tasted like 7-up and the grapefruit had a natural taste and the lemon tastes like home made lemonade.
Anyway, I am addicted and coming back soon to try the VEAL burger!
BIG FERNAND coming to LONDON soon.
Big Fernand (Hong Kong)Shop 2017, Podium 2, IFC Mall , 8 Finance Street, Central

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