Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Royal Touch Cafe by Carolyn Robb

I was excited when this opened because they serve British fare but the photos didn't really motivate me to try it out but as I was having dinner in TST I checked it out.
In UK, you get prawn toasts at your local Chinese takeaway LOL and I like the new invented word DUCK GRAS!

I opted for the cupcake which looks different to the cupcakes at Korea's Cocobruni which has a license Agreement with The Royal touch.
Earl grey fairy cake:

The cupcake was really nice and moist covered with a light emulsified buttercream on top which had a strong milky earl grey taste.
I am now convinced to try other flavours because the buttercream is really nice.
It was very worrying to see prawn toast and DUCK GRAS on the tea set menu!!

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