Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pretty, delicious and worth paying for

To be honest Japanese food is a headache because there are so many Japanese names which don't have English.
I don't know what is the best Japanese food but all the Japanese food that little_meg_siu_meg posts on instagram looks amazing but I wouldn't know where to find it in HK.
Anyway, I was really happy because the Japanese food here was different and some of it looked as good as what little_meg_siu_meg had.

As well as the taste, everything was beautifully presented and the price is reasonable compared to other omakase places.

I won't bother translating the Chinese into English because I am not a qualified translator and most of it doesn't have English when googled.


Started off with these three appetizers and my attention was drawn to these currant tomatoes which are so cute and tiny.
It would be great if they sliced one for photos.
Anyway, the fish was refreshing because it was in this sweet soy sauce, the texture was delicate because it comes from the head part of the tuna.
Then I had the squids which were made tasty by the mustard sauce.
I had the sashimi rolls last because the currant tomatoes were too cute to eat but there were microcress in the middle and seagrapes to balance the oiliness of the fish.

I can't seem to find the English name of this fish but this fish has a huge fin which the Chef has dried and used as decoration.
The fish was minced with spring and onions and ginger which gave it a pleasant taste.
Then came another set of delights.
Initially I thought it was fish sashimi but when I took a closer look, they were tiny prawns placed like a flower!
Each prawn was delicate and sweet.

After eating the prawns, had the squid which had a smoky taste.

The last dish was a challenge, they were ALIVE!

SABA sushi

I loved the saba sushi because the fish was soft with a nice amount of oilyness which went well with the rice.
Red seabream milt (shirako)

Milt is the seminal fluid of fish.
I have tried this before but the one here was amazing because firstly it was big and secondly it tasted like molten egg yolk!

Next was the abalone and daikon which I found a bit too sweet.

These were delicate silky white bait fishes wrapped in perilla leaves and coated in tempura. They were crisp and scrumptious.

Then we had whelk and duck liver.
The duck liver was velvety but it was quite heavy so I poured some sake in it which helped balance it.
Then we had jellyfish tentacles and baby conger conger.

The conger conger was new to me and considered exotic because I don't often come across conger conger in my culinary journeys!

Both had a similar crispy jelly texture flavoured by the appetizing vinegar.


Then we had soba noodles made with sakura flowers which were pretty and pink.

To end the meal, we had this prawn soup which was intense because it was boiled with prawn shells, prawns and lots of prawns, then topped with lots of sakura shrimps so the taste was really prawny so I loved it.

For dessert we had this beautiful water cake which had a sakura flower in the middle.
It was too good to eat but it was similar to jelly and the sweetness was just right.
I will probably come back again because it was only $680 and it was full of surprises.
The omakases I have tried before just served sashimi and more sashimi which was really boring followed by the typical miso soup and boring green tea dessert.
Hassan Japanese Restaurant:
G/F, 3 Lily Street, Tai Hang

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