Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Memories of school canteen at Pati by Lassana

If you live or work in Lai Chi Kok, you will know that there are not many food options.
There are two sides in Lai Chi Kok, the industrial side which branches to Cheung Sha Wan and the residential side.
The residential side has slightly more food options thanks to D2 and the Industrial side is just getting better with Pati by Lassana.
Pati by Lassana is located in a food court, which did not exist a few years ago, the food choices were impressive and reminded me of the canteen at school and university.
It looks like British cafeterias as well.

There were all my favourites such as salads, baked potatoes, chicken and even fried fish.
With all these delicious items in front of me, I had to pig out so I had the set, which comes with a drink and ordered an extra chicken drumstick.

The fish was really good because the breadcrumb coating was crisp with no rancid oil taste and the fish was flakey. Next time I will stop them from putting the weird Chinese salad cream because its sweet and weird.
As for the chicken drumsticks, it was also satisfying because it was meaty and moist but again I didn’t like that Korean sauce.
To conclude, the food is fit for expats if they don’t put Chinese sauces on it.
For drinks I was glad there was Earl Grey tea because HK style tea is just not on.

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