Sunday, 9 August 2015

The new era at Lions Rise at Olive ERA

Olive ERA is located at a secluded corner in Wong Tai Sin near the MTR, it is right next to the classy and glitzy Lions Rise residence.
It has a relaxed Western style atmosphere with matching tables and chairs.
Here was the feast that we had.
Ice seafood mountain:

Started off with the ice seafood mountain which was studded with tiger prawns, oysters, yabbies, surf clams, smoked salmon, mussels and whelk served with lime remoulade, spiced cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.
The seafood was fresh and tasty.
Pan fried crab with lime relish and chili paste:

This was a huge crab cake that was crispy on the outside filled with silky crab in the middle.
Smoked salmon tartar with papaya and avocado:

This was refreshing cubes of diced salmon paired with creamy avocado and sweet papaya.
Baked escargot, mushroom crepe pocket with wild herbs sauce:

I was looking forward to this because it looked like a burrata surrounded in tangy tomato sauce filled with escargots and mushroom slices.
Lobster bisque cappuccino with cognac and basil aioli:

Just like a cappuccino, the soup was served in a cup with a layer of cream on top.
The soup was rich and strong.
Black truffle bisque:

Next we had the truffle soup which was blended mushrooms with aromatic truffle.
It was creamy with an earthy mushroom taste.
Char-grilled US beef prime rib steak:

The steak was huge and great for sharing.
It was juicy and meaty.

Braised veal cheek torte in a star-anise port wine sauce:

The veal cheek torte reminded me of beef Wellington which is wrapped in puff pastry.
I felt that it tasted a bit like Chinese style beef wrapped in puff pastry because of the strong anise port wine gravy.
Seared pacific halibut steak with beans and vegetables and lemon herbs sauce:

As well as meats, we had the halibut which was a huge piece of fish on top of vegetables.
The fish was chunky and flaky but it would be good if they serve it without the bones.
Pizza peking duck:

Theres always something special with spring onions, cucumbers, duck and sweet sauce.
It tastes good with anything even in a croissant, but here they've made it into pizza.
Ink seafood paella with seafood, chicken, pepperoni and bell pepper:

Lastly the paella that I was waiting for because I love rice.
The rice was really tasty because it has absorbed all the flavourings.
French apple tart with vanilla icecream:

The apple tart was thin and flakey with sweet crisp slices of apple on top.
Walnut parfait with mocha cream and dark chocolate sauce:

The parfait had a lighter taste with lots of crushed walnuts in it.
Black forest chocolate gateau:

The black forest gateau was quite rich because there was no cake in it but chocolate truffle paste.

Olive era
Lion Rise Mall,
Shop G1-2, 
8 Muk Lun Street Wong Tai Sin

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