Friday, 4 September 2015

Bollywood at Rang Mahal Authentic Indian Cuisine

Been here twice and it is quite entertaining because they are showing bollywood shows on TV.
Previously had the lunch buffet and this time tried the dinner.
There was a dinner set but I preferred choosing the a la carte.

Ordered fried rice, mushrooms and peas rice, lamb kadai and bhindi masala.

Started with spicy poppadoms and sauces.
sweet lassi:

The lassi was creamy and sweet.
fried rice:

I found the fried rice a bit hard but it was flavourful.
mushrooms and peas rice:

The mushroom and peas rice was colourful and a great dish for vegetarians.
lamb kadai:

This was quite spicy so I only had a little bit.
bhindi masala:

This is always my favourite dish because I love slimy okra.

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