Thursday, 3 September 2015

Delish Chinese sausages and glutinous rice at 吉吉魚蛋

Last time I had the Chinese sausage on its own and I regretted not trying the rice.
This time I tried the rice and ordered an extra Chinese sausage and it came to $34.

The rice was fragrant and pleasant because when I smell Chinese sausages with glutinous rice I will usually want to throw up because the oil is rancid.
The glutinous rice was al-dente with a slight stickiness and it had a lovely sweet and savoury taste which comes from the sweet soy sauce while the preserved sausages had a fragrant Chinese wine taste.

The rice was topped with spring onions and crispy peanuts which gave it extra flavour and the portion was quite big compared to the famous joint in Wan Chai.

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