Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tapas night under the full moon

Went here to take some stylish pictures, after we finished we had free flow bubbly jubbly champagne for $250 at the Champagne bar on the 5th floor.

After drinks, we had tapas at the Super Giant.
Slow cooked egg:

This was slow cooked egg on Iberico sobrasada and chicken consomme.
A strong chicken soup which went nicely with the delicate poached egg and Iberico sobrasada which tasted like my favourite snack pepperami.
Tuna tataki:

This was lightly seared tuna over sliced potatoes and piquillo peppers sauce.
The tuna was tasty with a nice umami aftertaste.
Marinera mussels:

These were fresh and soft mussels in a lovely parsley and wine sauce.
Asparagus and sheeps cheese:

The asparagus had a crisp sweet crunch which went nicely with the cheese.
Pimentos de padron:

These were traditional green peppers from the North of Spain sauteed and finished with flakes of sea salt.
Basically they tasted like mini green peppers with a soft texture.
Anchovies and piquilllos:

Cantabric smoked anchovies with a piquillo blanket and shaved Spanish almonds which were a delight because the anchovies were tasty complemented by the crunchy almonds.
Hokkaido scallop:

This was Hokkaido scallop on top of sea urchin sauce on a bed of wakame seaweed.
The sea urchin sauce was rich and creamy.
Ham Truffle French toast:

There was spicy honey with a wooden honey stick.

The cute toastes were filled with ham and pieces of potato.

Banana wraps:

The presentation reminded me of DIY pancakes with duck.
It was fun to eat putting fruits and adding sauces to it.
SG Tea punch:

fresh mango juice, passionfruit, ice tea and syrup.

A nice smoothie with a strong pineapple taste that was not too sweet or sour.
Monn sour:

This was a refreshing combination of lime and lemon juice mixed with lemonade and a drop of grenadine syrup.

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