Monday, October 26, 2015

A secluded place for celebrities at King's Choice

This place is well hidden, hence a popular spot for celebrities.
It is hidden in an alley between Hennessey Road and Wan Chai Road.

There are no windows hence the paparazzi can't take photos unless they are inside the restaurant.
That night I saw 許懷欣 Ryan Hui.

There is a basic menu but they will have some specials and signature dishes.
Customers can also suggest or tell the restaurant what sort of food they want and it can be arranged.
The food I had was arranged by my friend because they booked the dinner.

Here was the food I had:
Crispy pork knuckles:
Started with this nice crispy knuckle which was soaked in loshui sauce and fried.
The skin was crisp and not oily while the meat was tender and soft without being too salty.

Prawn in gravy:
It was a springy prawn which had the texture and taste like a lobster in sweet gravy which is made with this rice thing that they ferment wine with.
There were fried mantaus to dip this gravy.

For the soup, it was almond and lungs soup which was nourishing and creamy with a fragrant almond taste.
There were also chicken feet in it as well.

Lobster and udon noodles:

I was quite surprised by the udon because it was actually tasty and hung the spring onion gravy quite well from the lobster.
The tofu was made by the restaurant and it was soft and supple with an eggy taste because it was similar to the Japanese egg tofu.

Ribs cooked in Chinese olive sauce:
The ribs were really good because it had a crispy coating and it was similar to sweet and sour pork but it had a stronger savoury taste because of the Chinese olives.

Vegetables in soup:
As you can see, the greens were young and luscious.
I love to eat the hearts of vegetables because they are tender and sweet.
The broth was light and healthy which was great to drink.

Lotus rice:
I was quite full by this stage but the rice was good because it had a rich gravy taste and not overpowered by the fried rice taste.

Almond dessert soup:
Finished with this almond soup which was not too sweet with a pleasant almond taste.

To summarize I liked this place because they can serve the food in single portions so you don't have to pick it from the main plate which is quite bothersome sometimes and you don't have to rinse the dishes in hot water before the meal.

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