Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Simple and simply delicious burger

On my previous visits, I had the Red eye reduction (brunch burger) and What food eats (vegetarian burger) but this time I decided to try basic burger which has cheese and bacon.

When it came, I was impressed because I saw beef juice drip from the burger, which meant it was going to be a juicy patty.

The beef patty was really good and I rarely eat beef burgers because there’s a lot of crap in it such as offal and elastic bits that you can’t chew.

The patty here was delicious and made of pure dry aged beef and it tasted like a coarsely minced steak that was juicy while the shriveled up bacon was crispy and tasty.

There were sauces on the table but I didn’t really need it.

The only thing that could have been better was the cheese because it was not cheesy enough.

They used to have a secret menu, which you scan the QR code to access, but they now have the secret menu printed out for your convenience because not many people will bother with it.
The secret menu is really good because it gives the menu more variety other than just a simple burger especially for those who do not eat beef will walk away like I did on the first visit until I discovered how delicious their beef burger really was.

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