Friday, October 23, 2015

Claypot rice at 紹華小廚

I rarely eat claypot rice because the smelly claypot makes the rice stink.
Anyway, tried this place because there are quite a lot of postive comments.

Before trying the food, the choices on the menu are quite good, they had modern ones such as lamb and cumin, spicy seafood and the traditional ones such as preserved sausage and taro mash.

Anyway, ordered the preserved sausage and taro mash and the lamb and cumin.

Both were good because they did not have that smelly pot smell.
The rice was hot and fragrant flavoured by the delicious soy sauce and the claypot toppings were good too.
Although I liked it, it gets me wondering why people like it? The tasty toppings or because the pot doesn't smell?

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