Monday, October 26, 2015

Thick duck broth at 十八座狗仔粉

This place is famous for the doggie noodles with the first branch in Jordan and now they have branches everywhere.

Although I have not tried it, I tried their modern joint in Causeway Bay called GUM JENG for other snacks but not the soup.
Went here and tried the duck soup for $20 which is really cheap and it was quite a big bowl.
It was really nice, basically thick gravy in my definition with fine strands of duck in it.
Personally I would rather dip chips in it.

The soup was loaded with shredded black fungas, duck and glass vermicelli, which has been soaked in soup for too long because the glass vermicelli was fat like angel hair!
It was quite salty so I really think it could go with rice or chips and it would be good if the duck meat wasn’t disintegrated into silk because it makes the soup look cloudy.
They had this other option of soup with duck leg which seems messy to eat but duck and gravy should taste nice.

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