Monday, October 26, 2015

Tried the dinner set at Check-In Taipei

Here was what we had:
Started with the starter which consists of chicken waffle, ping pong and crispy knuckle.

The chicken waffle was was really good, it was crispy chicken paired with appetizing pineapple on a sweet piece of waffle.

For drinks I had the lemon aiyu which was refreshing with delicious jelly at the bottom.

I loved the Mapo noodles because it was my favourite fettucine noodles with spicy tofu on top.
A brilliant pairing.

The other main was creamy risotto with pork belly slices and the pork belly was thin and crispy just like bacon.
Although it looked like a rice pudding, the risotto was savoury and nice.

creme brulee:

Ended the meal with this sweet creme brulee which had a nice eggy taste.

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