Sunday, December 13, 2015

#McDonaldsNext Hong Kong Concept

Earlier we saw McDonalds #createyourtaste which allows you to customize your burger.

Now there is #McDonaldsnext which is a modern restaurant that lets you customize your salad using the touchscreen stands.

There are also charging points for your mobile phones.
The only bad point about this restaurant is that they sell their regular menu as well which means there are lots of people buying drinks and occupying the seats doing trivial things like tuition and selling insurance, the norm in Hong Kong.

I customized a salad and ordered the waffle because these were the items unique to this store.
The cheese choices for the salad were poor, it was either mozzarella or Parmesan and no Cheddar.

Unfortunately, they gave me the wrong salad base.

I was given the romaine, iceberg and lettuce mix and not the California mix that I chose.
The Quinoa and the big pearls of Couscous was amazing because it was really tasty.
The crayfish and egg salad was nice which is basically the same filling as the one they use in their croissants

It was really good that they give you the dressing separately because I didn't really need it but there are three dressings: vinaigrette, caesar and sesame.

For desserts, the mixed berries sundae waffle was a bit too sweet.

The tea was weird, I was given a pot of hot water and a cup of hot water.
Photos of #mcdonaldsnext

As well as Hong Kong, you can also find #createyourtaste in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and some stores in New York.

Admiralty Centre,
18 Harcourt Road.
Hong Kong

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