Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Staying in the heart of Causeway Bay at J Plus Hotel by YOO

My friends and I were staying in Hong Kong but since they had relatives in HK, we stayed with them for a bit.

Then we spent the last two days at J Plus Hotel by YOO to complete the real vacation experience.

J Plus Hotel by YOO was really good and let us dump our luggage there a few days before and they said we could leave it there for a while after our check out date.

We chose this hotel because it was close to CWB MTR station and a few minutes walk from the big shopping malls.

Nightlife was good because there were so many eateries behind the hotel on Haven Street.

The suite we stayed in was spacious and we loved the self-equipped kitchen with pots and pans.

There is a laundry area on the second floor next to the chill area which is inclusive so we did some laundry which relieved the relatives a bit.

The room was modern with a nice European style to it with lots of white curtain veils and the table makes you feel at home.

I loved the round table because it was great having dinner there because some good eateries don’t have dine ins.

All the personal toiletries were neatly concealed behind the mirror and the slippers provided were really comfortable made with cotton flannel fabric.

There was also an orange phone called the "Handy phone" which we were fighting to use because you can go online and also make free calls to certain countries including America.

The “Handy” phone is available in all rooms which is a complimentary handy service available to all guests!!

At the reception, the furniture was really stylish with striking colours so we took the opportunity to take photos with the clothes we just bought.

Chill@JPlushk on the second floor:

Pop-up exhibition by Fin DAC:

We missed the cocktails that were served from 8-10pm because we were out for dinner but we managed to get up for breakfast and I liked the variety of savoury pastries.

There is a rotating toaster and beverages bar with brilliant teas and fruit juices in the fridge.

After having a wonderful and invigorating breakfast, which I always skip, we checked out and headed to our next location.

Checking out was smooth and fast.
J Plus by Hotel Yoo
1 Irving Street

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