Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The famous 3D foam cap drinks

Allegretto is located on the terrace of China Hong Kong City building with beautiful views of the sea and sunset if you are there at the right time.
Tried to come here two years ago when the cute 3D animal foam cap craze started but they don’t serve it after 4pm so I didn’t get to try it.

Getting here was easier than expected because I cut through Kowloon Park which takes me to a footbridge that connects there and you go through some glass doors where Allegretto is opposite a Thai restaurant and near this dimsum place.

Anyway, came here again with a friend two years later because the café is spacious with a good environment to chat as the place is pretty laid back.

I liked the traffic lights from Germany and pictures that they have on exhibition because lots of people have seminars and exhibitions here.

The menu has improved since my last visit because there is more to offer and they serve filling dishes that are affordable.

Ordered the drinks first because they take some time when they are busy.

The star of the show finally arrived and it was so cute!!
I loved the bear and the cat.

The elephant looked a bit sad though.

As for the taste, the chocolate was really good because it was not too sweet while the coffee was just right according to my friend.
We also had a rose latte as well which had a fragrant rose flavour that was not too sweet.

For food we had:
German sausage with chips:

The sausages were surprisingly good but as I have not been to Germany before I don’t know what the real ones tastes like.
I liked the sausage texture because it was soft and slightly similar to luncheon meat paired with this curry sauce that had a very fruity taste with a hint of spiciness.
The curry sauce taste reminded me of Coronation chicken because it tasted like dry raisins but the consistency of the sauce was thin.
Eggs benedict with Salmon:

The eggs Benedict was quite different because I found it quite garlicky with a garlic buttered muffin and the Hollandaise sauce tasted like creamy garlic sauce.
Chocolate Fondant:

The chocolate fondant was rich and not too sweet paired with icecream that was light.
The centre was molten as the name suggests.

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