Monday, February 01, 2016

Space out cookies from I.E Kitchen

I got these “Space out” cookies from I.E Kitchen Academie, which were featured on the newspaper recently.
They come in a silver tin with six flavours..

The cookies were crumbly and gone within a flash when I shared them.

Here were the six flavours in the tin:
Naughty Boy:
This square cookie with raspberry in the middle looked like my childhood Jammie dodger favourite.
The raspberry jam in the middle was tart and made it stand out from the other cookies.
Shaped just like a rosette, these were buttery and crumbly that they melted in your mouth.
According to IE, they are made with butter from New Zealand.
The Elegance:
These are for people with a sweet tooth and the sweetness is not cloyingly sweet with pieces of white chocolate and hazelnuts.
Tangy Honey:
The Tangy Honey had a nice citrus smell with pieces of fruit peel and yuzu flavouring.
The Triple C:
This flavour is for coffee lovers because it has a strong coffee taste packed with lots of cashew nuts that you can see.
The joyful looked like biscotti with lots of pistachio nuts in it that gave it a lovely pistachio aroma.
The cookies cost $208 with six flavours inside.

For discounts and free delivery eligibility please visit their FB.

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