Monday, March 14, 2016

Latin food debuts in Hong Kong

I was so glad I came here for lunch because I have never had Latin food before and there is live Latin beats which make it fun to dine there.

I liked their wooden cutlery.

Anyway, I had the lunch set which basically lets you sample most of the things on the menu.

Chimmichurri quinoa salad:

I love Chimmichurri anything because it is so refreshing and Chimmichurri quinoa was really appetizing and the shrimp they put in it was fresh and springy.

For soup, they had Sancocho which is South American Stew.
It was the vegetarian version so I really liked it, it was light yet flavourful with lots of vegetables in it.

These are fried dumplings served with sauce.
I have tried similar versions before at a Philipino joint and a Jamaican joint.
Anyway, these were filled with beef and tasted great with the sauce provided which is a bit like Chimmichurri.

On the side, there was Yuca which is a root vegetable that tastes like Taro.

arepas rellenas:
These were Corn flour based pockets filled with chicken that look similar to roujiamas.
They were light and filling

For dessert, we finished with fruits.

16A Elgin Street

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