Monday, July 11, 2016

Quality oysters

Casa Fina Seafood & Oyster Bar is one of the restaurants under CASA which are all located in Causeway Bay.

That night we started with an oyster & seafood platter of:
-Pacific Rock (U.S.)
-Namibia(South Africa)
I have stopped eating oysters in Hong Kong because of the freshness and quality but I will eat oysters from the CASA group because they are good and I have tried them at other branches before without any unpleasant side-effects.
The oysters were fresh and taste different according to where they come from.
My favourite was the Gillardeau because it has the strongest taste.
It was visually stunning to see the whole scampi in its beautiful coral pink shells.
The scampi was sweet and springy that it did not require any seasoning.
Next was the caesar salad tossed with crisp sweet lettuce.
Then we had Garlic Bread with Sauteed Live Clams with Basil White Wine Sauce.
These sauteed fresh clams had a fragrant basil flavour which really brought out the sweetness of the clams.
The soup was so good that I drank it. There is garlic bread so that you can soak up the broth but personally I prefer it not buttered.
The Deep Fried Alaskan Crab Cake was presented as a triangular croquette made with so much crab meat. 
Then we had the deep fried lamb ribs which had a lovely cumin seasoning.
The Tiger Prawn & Alaskan Crab Meat Penne With Lobster Sauce tasted like penne in reduced lobster bisque sauce crammed with lots of crab meat and the prawns were nice and springy.
French Duck Foie Gras Linguine With Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce:
This was my favourite, I loved the al-dente linguine tossed in the oil from the foie gras.
There were so many pieces of foie gras and earthy mushrooms.
Hokkaido Scallop Risotto With Ink Sauce:
A flawless risotto especially the ink sauce.
Last but not least was the 16oz US Prime Rib Eye Steak With Wild Mushroom Gravy (Daily Special).
A great steak for sharing.

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