Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Girly Teppanyaki

Went here for Teppanyaki and my food was cooked by a female Chef called Circle.

It was fun watching her skilfully serve each course.

Looking at the menu, there were various sets and the even have a set for vegetarians which I really wanted to order because it had lots of tofu dishes.
Unfortunately, the vegetarian set had to be reserved in advance.

In the end I had the Teppanyaki Wagyu set..

The good thing is that they are quite flexible with the set menus so if there is something you don't eat they can change it.
There is a Western touch to the dishes so you will find lobster bisque and mushroom soup on the menu!

Here was what I had in the Teppanyaki Wagyu set.

Started off with Sashimi salad (hokkaido scallop and tuna).
The leaves were crisp and sweet with pieces of fresh sashimi.

For soup, I went for the Japanese milky fish soup which was divine because I love fish soup with a touch of ginger.

It was paired with Signature Italian toast topped with tomato salsa.

Next I had the baked flaming Hiroshima oyster in aluminium foil which was set alight before they serve it.
The oyster was really flavourful with a smoky taste and crispy dried shrimps on top..

The Deep sea grouper fillet with sundried tomato and tartar sauce was interesting because the sundried tomato gave it this Mediterranean touch.
The unami taste of the tomato and fish went together well.

The Japanese kobe pork sliced rolls were light and springy on a bed of julienne cabbage.

The Japanese Kagoshima A4 steak was cut into cubes and each cube of beef was juicy with beef oils melting in your mouth paired with fancy salt and wasabi.

After having the beef, the grilled veggies helped to balance the meats.

Finished off with a filling Lady Fried rice which had tiny fishes that represent the Lady.
I found the fried rice a bit too sweet for my liking because of the sweet pieces of radish.

Last but not least, it was fun watching the Doriyaki pancakes being made and she had this cute ladle which holds just enough mixture to make the pancake.

I chose the salted icecream which complemented it nicely and it was really good that the red beans were separate so you can mix and match with the pancakes.

In addition to the Wagyu set, I also tried the slow cooked abalone which was cooked in glass plastic with konbu giving it a lovely flavour.
When it was served, there was delicious foam which made it even silkier and the cod roe gave it an extra saltiness to it.

心鐵板燒 Hato Teppanyaki
17-19 Ashley Road, 18/F Floor, TST
Tel:2657 2800

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