Monday, September 26, 2016

Breakfast at Festiva Macau

I normally dine here for the dinner buffet which is brilliant especially the Indian section.

This time I finally got to try the breakfast buffet which is equally as good because they have an egg station just like Saffron at Banyan Tree.

For breakfast, the choice is rather shockingly huge ranging from pastries, breads, Chinese, Thai, Indian, basically most of the items you would get in the dinner buffet.
The buffet area is too big and I was in a rush because I got there late so didn't take much photos of the place.

As it was breakfast, I just got my usual breakfast favourites such as omelette with bacon, pancakes and pastries.

All the items I picked were delicious and it was complemented nicely with a good variety of drinks such as tea and hot chocolate.

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