Monday, September 26, 2016

Crab Feast at Broadway Macau

From 1st September until 31st October 2016, Broadway Macau is serving 12 varieties of delectable crab dishes during this Crab Feast at different restaurants at the Broadway.

Customers who orders a "Crab Feast" dish has a chance to win a Vespa scooter and a luxurious stay at Banyan Tree Macau.

For more details of the crab feast and conditions:

We tried all the different styles and it really depends on whether you like it light, plain, spicy or cooked in curry.
Now is the season for crab when they are at its best.

For curry there are three different styles: Thai, Portuguese or Chinese.

My personal favourites were the Hunan Style and the crab from Lei Ka Choi because I love spicy dishes but I also liked the King crab which was quite basic.

Xin Du Ji            
Steamed Hairy Crab            Seasonal Price+

Thai Chiu      
Curry Crab in Thai Style            MOP488+
Curried crab in a light eggy curry sauce.

Chi Sasa Japanese Cuisine            
Steamed Hairy Crab            MOP688+
For those who want to taste the crab on its own, this is a good one to choose and it works well with some lemon or vinegar.

Hou Choi Seafood and Chinese Fondue Restaurant           
King Crab cooked in 3 Styles            MOP588+
Big chunks of juicy crab meat.

Fong Seng Lai Kei Restaurant            
Wok-fried Crab in Shunde Style       MOP428+
I would recommend this crab for people who like it light and simple.

Wong Kun Sio Kung            
Signature Crab Congee (From MOP165)
Curry Crab (From MOP165)

Katong Corner    
Signature Pepper Crab (Black / or White Pepper)       MOP498+
A fragrant crab with a heavy black pepper taste.

Huo Gong Dian        
Chili Crab in Hunan Style            MOP428+
A very spicy but delicious crab.

Dragon Portuguese Cuisine 
Curry Crab in Portuguese Style            MOP488+
A palatable curry crab which is light.

Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant            
Crab Roe Dumpling            MOP88
A classic steamed bun topped with crab roe.

Lei Ka Choi            
Crab and Clams in Casserole            MOP288
I loved this one because the sauce was very spicy and full of flavour mixed with tart tomatoes and egg.


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