Sunday, October 02, 2016

Herbs discovery journey at Meyer cookware in Hong Kong

I was really glad to be invited by Meyer cookware in Hong Kong to participate in a herb discovery session which everyone can go along and check it out because there is a herb garden with stations where you can create your own herbal tea bags and seasonings for chicken wings.

Herbal tea station:

Herbs station to make chicken wing seasoning:

In the middle, there are some jars of dried herbs which you can smell.

This is a really good concept because fresh herbs and dried herbs are not as easy to access as other countries and people are not familiar that there are so many other herbs you can experiment with.
As well as herbs, a full showroom of their products are available and they also have vinegars that you can try.

Our first activity was Masala Chai where we learnt about the herbs for the tea and got to make it ourselves.
I didn't put a lot of the herbs but the taste was really strong but the sweetened condensed milk toned it down.

Next we made pasta with Eric Cheung, a food designer.

I chose to make basil pasta.

Making pasta was made easy with Meyers non slip bowl and the flexi spatula which can mimic the palm of your hand when pressing the dough.

We also got to try the cooked version of pasta which tasted good by simply stir frying it with onion and adding salt and pepper.

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