Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pokirittos at Pokéworld

At Pokéworld, they serve Pokirittos, salad or rice.

As I have already tried the bowls at ALOHA, I decided to try the Pokiritto.

The bowls would be more filling if your hungry.

Anyway, I chose tuna and tofu as proteins and the veggie section was really good because you can choose lots of veggies and I love veggies.

I would love to order a vegetarian Pokiritto next time but tofu is not as costly as fish so it would work out more expensive.

My Pokiritto was really delicious because the ingredients were fresh and the crisp veggies made a difference complimented by the soft silky tofu.

ALOHA has serious competition now, the only thing POKEWORLD doesn't have is the Spam Musubi!
You can also get POKE in Quarry Bay but I prefer POKEWORLD and ALOHA!

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