Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Toyosu Suisan debuts in Hong Kong

Tried Toyosu Suisan because of the fact it has endless queues and good comments from bloggers who know their Japanese food.
Started with the soup which comes with every bowl.

It had a strong miso taste with lots of fish in it.

It was really difficult to choose because every bowl looked good.
In the end I went for the Minced maguro and snow crab bowl with yam.

Minced maguro and snow crab bowl with yam:
To be honest, it was soooo tasty I didn't need any soy sauce.
The ingredients are freshly flown from Hokkaido and the wasabi is freshly grated not the powder.
There were bits of yuzu peel and tomato that did wonders.

maguro eye:
This was the prized Maguro eye that I have always wanted to order and it is hard finding a place in Hong Kong that serves it.
It had a rich sweet taste and it was very gelatinous.


I cant wait to come back again and hope that it will be consistently good.


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