Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A taste of Taiwan at Tainan Mr. Bean

To be honest, I am not keen on Taiwanese food because the Taiwanese food you get in Hong Kong is probably bastardized.
The decor was quite different from other Taiwanese joints in HK.

I have never been to Taiwan so I don't know how authentic this is but the variety was good with an English menu.

The pricing was quite good and the portions were quite big.
Knowing that I don't like the noodles and rice with marinated meat, I didn't choose them and ordered other stuff.
Here was what I had.
Bittermelon and pineapple soup:
The soup was clear without oil and it had a nice bittermelon taste but I couldn't taste any pineapple even though there were chunks of it.
Ribs and herbs soup:
I loved this soup because it had a strong herb flavour and tastes exactly the same as buk kut teh.
Black fungus in vinegar:
The black fungus had a lovely texture because it was thick but the vinegar was too sweet that I can't classify it as a vinegar.
Crispy chicken rice:
Compared to other places I have tried, the coating is definitely different and it was so much batter.
The chicken pieces were huge and the batter made it monstrous!
Surprisingly the chicken tasted really soft and tender so I think the batter protected it when it was in the oil but I didn't eat the batter because it was just too thick.
It would be good if they could slice the chicken into smaller pieces.

The rice that came with it was Pearl rice.

Salted egg bitter melon:
The bitter melon is a must order even though it doesn't look appealing.
It was lovely the way it was thinly sliced coated in starchy salted egg yolk, yet the whole thing was not too salty.
Hsinchu vermicelli:
The vermicelli was quite al-dente and tasty.
I was expecting the silver thread vermicelli but it wasn't.
Herbal jelly latte:
Finished off with a herbal tea latte which tasted like Taiwanese style tea with lots of herbal jelly in it.

Tainan Mr. Bean
G/F, 19 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay

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