Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[SLEEEP] Sustainable sleeping!!!

I have always wanted to stay in a capsule hotel but haven't quite made it to Japan yet.
Recently a friend posted about sleeep, a capsule hotel in Hong Kong so I was delighted.

SLEEEP is a capsule hotel blending design & technology in promoting a sustainable culture.
One quality sleep at a time.

For me, I like the idea of privacy and being in my own little world just like when I was a kid playing in playhouses/dens/treehouses.
It is a place where I can get inspirations and think deeply.
I loved the capsules, they were much bigger than I anticipated with charging ports and a mini ledge for you to put your phone, glasses etc and most importantly wifi.

It was definitely comfy having a nap there with a choice of hard or soft mattresses.

The key role of sleeep is to provide quality sleep or a place for people to recharge themselves.
It is popular with people in Central/Sheungwan who have had a tiring day and finishing late so they decide to stay there as opposed to going home.
There are eight capsules with corresponding storage that flashes at your arrival, two toilets, sinks and a shower.
Each capsule is for one person only and if someone is naughty as they say the lights will flash red as shown in this video.

Facts about the amenities at sleeep:
Check-in from your device, arrive and skip all the hassle.
Smart lighting that is responsive to the circadian cycle.
Store your luggage and belongings in their full-height lockers

Locally sourced organic soap in the shower room.
Hot showers heated by the captured heat from the cooling system.
Other photos at sleeep:


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