Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fxxking good at 65 Peel 何蘭正

In English this place is called 65 Peel, in Chinese, it is called 何蘭正 so if you don't pronounce it properly it sounds like ho lun jeng which is like saying something is so good that you need to express it with a swear word.

The food didn't disappoint and quite a few dishes were damn good and memorable.

Evidently they are creative if you look at the photos before like the lobster hotdog which uses fried doughsticks instead of the usual bun.

They have discontinued this item but the items we had were equally as good.

Started with drinks first while looking at the menu.

At first the drinks list seems complicated but then I figured it was a table with origin, alc vol etc.

I chose the Lemon Lime Hop (AUS) and the Dry Fresh apple Cider (UK).

Just tried a sip of the Cider and it was wonderful because you can taste the apple juice, as for the Lemon Lime Hop, it tasted a bit like beer with some bitterness and the sweetness strangely tasted like grapes.

Here was what we had:


Molten Cheese with apricot:

The cheese was runny inside as stated on the menu because when I picked it up, I accidentally broke the breadcrumb coating and Tomino cheese oozed out. These bites were delicious with the apricot beneath it and the best thing is that the apricots are real halved apricots and not puree.
20 Hours Beef cheek truffle pasta:

This was amazing, everything was in harmony from the earthy mushrooms, the soft beef and the pasta itself.
I loved the pasta they used because they chose tagliolini which is really fine in width and hangs all the sauce when you eat it.
Typhoon Shelter M6 Wagyu Beef:

I was recommended this and it was brilliant. To me Typhoon shelter dishes are dry cooked with crispy garlic and black bean but the juicy Wagyu beef came in this delicious gravy.
The tofu blocks were a bonus because I thought it was just going to be plain beef in this dish but these pieces of tofu are damn addictive because the texture is soft inside and it soaks that delicious sauce.
We also had the 24 month Iberico Bikini that came with a modern twist because the Iberico was crispy which made it like posh bacon.

For desserts we had Churros with salty egg yolk and caramel sauce and the Dark beer tiramisu.

The Churros were the best I have had, they were coated in a lovely sugar cinnamon coating that didn't make it too sweet while the sauce carried a slight bitterness which works well together.
The tiramisu was light and the sponge was literally soaked with black beer.
Strangely I could taste orange in it as well.
I will definitely be back to try the chicken because they said it was the signature dish.


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