Thursday, March 09, 2017

WASHOKU spring dinner buffet at La Scala: Media preview

Spring is here and La Scala have just launched a WASHOKU Japanese-themed buffet.

There are Robatayaki delights, seasonal sushi, seafood, freshly shucked oysters, grilled steak and a new yoghurt DIY corner.

For the health conscious, they have a Japanese-style salad bar with okra and other healthy treats.

The cheese section, a must for expats!

Sweets for kids:

Ginko nuts:

Japanese grilled fish fins:


Cantonese roast:
 Sushi and sashimi counter:

Here was what we had:
There is something for everyone but as a carbs lover, I liked the Hainan chicken rice and pasta.

At this media gathering we got to try this realistic sashimi don cake.
When I was taking photos, I assumed it was vegetarian sushi but then it was revealed that it was a dessert made with blood orange jelly and raspberry to mimic the salmon and tuna.
The wasabi was mimicked by green tea mousse.

We also got to make a mini version to take home.

Coming in April, there will be a new tea set in collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics, featuring girly treats!

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