Saturday, March 25, 2017

San Francisco sunshine at Lion Rock

A few weeks ago, found out that Lion Rock was going to launch this new BEAUTY BESTIE afternoon tea set in collaboration and inspired by Benefit Cosmetics available from April 1 to June 30, 2017, 15:00 – 18:00.
It costs HK$508 for two persons, HK$270 for one person and you get Benefit’s Make-up Goodies (valued at HK$229).

This tea set just clicked with me because Benefit Cosmetics is stylish and really appeals to me while the food items are inspired by American cuisine with a theme matching the cosmetics.

The tea set comes in a clear acrylic chest of drawers with cartooned Lombard Street (a famous winding street in San Francisco) as a background.

The drinks included are Rose Latte and Apple Eye.
I liked the Apple Eye which was a mix of apple juice, soda and rose syrup which complimented the savoury treats nicely while the Rose Latte goes well with the sweet treats.

Starting with the savoury treats in the middle drawer, there were American Lobster Rolls, Baked Mini Avocado and Crab Meat Pizza, Cajun Beef and Wild Mushroom Tortilla Roll, Deep-fried Buffalo Chicken Cubes on Bread Loaf and the Cheese Baked Smoked Salmon on Sweet Corn Cake.

Everything was a delight because you have all the American items there such as pizza, fried chicken, lobster rolls, tortilla rolls and Buffalo wings inspired fried chicken.
Nearly all of them were memorable especially the Cajun beef where they put thinly sliced prime beef in it and the Buffalo chicken which was tender and tasted like popcorn chicken.
On the top there was Creamy Shrimp and Clam Stew in Mini Herbs Bread Roll which is mimicking the New England style clam chowder bread bowl.

The mini clam stew was just too cute and damn delicious as well and it was surprising that I found so many clams in that tiny bun!!

Moving on the sweet items, there were raisin scones, a must have in tea sets which were crumbly and moist, along with Strawberry 3.6 Milk Puddings and girly cookies decorated with icing sugar.
Now to the last drawer which was also filled with goodies.
My favourite was the pink donut that was sprinkled with silver candy balls.

Then there was the Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake which was inspired by Benefits brow zings and gimme brow that is a delicious layer of soft chocolate made with Cacao Barry sandwiched between decorated milk chocolate.
Benefit's NEW GALifornia golden pink blusher is represented by the Grapefruit Vanilla Tart which will be changed to the dandelion twinkle version in May when this new blusher is launched!!
I found it refreshing and not too sweet.

Last but not least was the Raspberry Rose Yoghurt Mousse Cake which is in the shape of a toy car on top of a charcoal cookie representing Lombard Street!!!

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