Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fashionable Chinese roast

Good BBQ opened their first takeaway joint in Central in 2015 but sadly I never got to try the slow roasted pork because it was always sold out.

I don't work in Central so it is hard to find a place nearby to sit down and enjoy it.
Managed to try one of the side dishes that was not sold out some evening which was really good because I love OKRA!!

Anyway, recently found out from FB that they have a joint at Lab Concept with a dining area so went there asap.
Coming from Pacific Place, there are these stylish piggies on the floor that lead you to the joint.

Each piggy is different and stylish that I like almost every one of them.

To my surprise, they have fine French teas and lamb charsiu on the menu.

With traditional Chinese roast shops, you are normally put off visually because you see weird wood logs as chopping boards, grubby staff with greasy hands, meat dripping and other meats touching the glass window.
Here you don't see that but you see a TV of what is going on in the kitchen.
Ordered the lamb charsiu and slow roasted pork which comes in a stylish box that is more fashionable than the previous fashionable blue box they had!!
According to Good BBQ, they will change the design of the box every now and again.

As well as the box, the suckling pig is also made glamorous with a golden chain and sparkling gem eyes!

Even the little details like the sauces are labelled nicely.

I loved the lamb shoulder charsiu because it has the charsiu sweet flavouring yet it has a prominent lamb taste without the gaminess.
As well as pork, lamb gives you another option and people who don't eat pork won't miss out on Charsiu.

The slow cooked roast pork was tender and delicious.

New on the menu are buns, a popular snack in the UK.
I had this evilicious charsiu bun topped with a 63 degree egg.

As well as charsiu, they also have crispy pork belly, duck and other combos.

Finished off with a lovely fine French tea which was the perfect finish.

Shop C01AD, queensway plaza,
93 Queensway,

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