Monday, May 01, 2017

YAMATAKA x Hello Kitty Sakura Festival

I saw photos of Yamataka seafood market doing Hello Kitty themed food so decided to check it out as it is only available from now until the end of May, 2017.
The location is above the Wanchai Ferry pier which I find unpleasant to walk from Wanchai MTR at the moment because of the construction works and industrial dust.
Instead of going from Wanchai, I got the ferry from TST which turned out really good because when I got off the ferry, there were flower petals on the ground and lots of these flowers on the way towards Yamataka market.
The entrance was really cute and there were Sakura flowers that you have to walk under.

Evidently it was busy because almost everyone loves Hello Kitty.

It was definitely a good day to eat that day because these pretty flowers were blooming outside which made it feel even more girly and there was this beautiful blue sky.

On the Hello Kitty menu, there was tamago, hand roll, seafood don, Mizu shingen mochi and strawberry pancakes.

I got the seafood don and Mizu shingen mochi.
Hello Kitty seafood don:
The Hello Kitty was just too cute to eat, it was basically sushi rice in a Hello Kitty shape with sashimi laid around it with sakura shaped egg and cucumber.
As for the taste, you are getting fresh seafood supplied by Yamataka seafood market so it is fresh.
I just wish the rice was a little bit softer.
Hello Kitty Mizu shingen mochi:
The dessert was equally as pretty but hard to photograph because it is a clear piece of mochi!
It had a faint peach taste which is how I like it but there is bean powder on the side if you need it.
Video of the food and environment:


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