Thursday, June 29, 2017

[泰麵膳 Boat Noodle] Authentic boat noodles in TST

To get decent boat noodles in Hong Kong, you have to trek into Kowloon City where most of the Thai joints are, but saying that the food can be disappointing because quite a lot of it is localized.
There is new joint in TST for boat noodles helmed by a Thai Chef and the menu and noodles are amazing.

The menu is simple and offers boat noodles, Yentafo in soup or soupless and Tomyumkung in soup or soupless with a choice of the usual rice noodles, Cambodian noodles, flat rice noodles etc.

I tried the Yentafo and boat noodles.
Strangely not many Thai places serve Yentafo but it basically contains my favourite fermented red beancurd and chili in the broth.
The soup was tangy and had a strong red beancurd taste followed by a slight chili kick.
Rice vermicelli is the best noodle for this because it absorbs the soup.
It is topped with meatballs, fishballs, fishball slices which were surprisingly delicious and there is also a fish skin dumpling included as well.
Boat noodle:
Had the beef boat noodle and the broth was strong.
It was topped with tasty beef and fragrant basil leaves.
For snacks had the chicken skin and chicken drumettes.
The chicken skin was a delicious guilty moreish snack because it was so crispy yet not oily.
The chicken drumettes were well seasoned.
I could taste yellow ginger.
Definitely coming back again for more noodles or during the late supper section from 9-11pm because they serve smaller bowls for $12.
泰麵膳 Boat Noodle

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