Friday, June 23, 2017

[Cafe Malacca] Authentic SingMalay fare at Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen is located near Hong Kong university so it used to be an effort to go but now the MTR has made it much more accessible.
Since the last dinner, there were so many new items on the menu like durian puddings with a choice of D24 and Musang.
Started with drinks: Michael Jackson and Chin Chow.
They both have herbal jelly but Michael Jackson is mixed with soy milk and the syrup is served separately which is brilliant.

Here was the food that we had:
Assorted satays with ricecakes:
Tender grilled meats which have a very sweet taste paired with peanut sauce.

For noodles we had the Penang assam Laksa and Ipoh Bee Thai Bak.
The Penang assam Laksa was my favourite because it was strong and tangy with a hint of spiciness.

The Ipoh Bee Thai Bak has short strands of noodles which are similar to Chinese pin noodles and the broth was not spicy.

For the mains, we had the Grilled stingray which was moist and silky.

Finished with Fried beansprouts/beanshoots with salted fish which was another comforting dish because it tastes like choysuey.

The dessert choices were captivating so we had the Abok Abok, D24 durian pudding, Musang durian pudding and coconut jelly.

If you like durian then these puddings are a must but personally I prefer D24 as a dessert because the Musang pudding can get quite heavy especially if you didn't leave room for dessert.
Cafe Malacca:
Level 2, Hotel Jen Hong Kong, 508 Queen's Road West, Western District
Tel: +852 2213 6613

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