Friday, June 30, 2017

[Metro Buffet & Grill] Seafood Buffet

After dining at Eaton a few weeks ago, decided to come back for the buffet because they have launched some new items for summer.
The buffet starts from 6 to 9:30 and it was nice of them to let you get seated before 6 and all staff had sincere smiles and service.
I thought it was a good deal for HK$478 per person because other places that serve oysters and seafood are around $600-700 per person.

As soon as I arrived, the place was impressive, it was like a green house with a high viewing ceiling and a birdcage with a crystal chandelier inside with bullet lifts going up and down.

You could also smell a lovely aroma from the Movenpick cart which offers so many different icecreams and toppings.

The buffet selection was really good, I like the cured salmon in beetroot and the other ginger one.

There were mussels as well:

The crispy soft shell crabs were paired nicely with salad.

In the Chinese crab selection, they had fried crab with glass vermicelli which was so tasty because it had absorbed the flavours of the crab.

Finished with a sweet ending of icecream and desserts.

[Metro Buffet & Grill]
380 Nathan Road

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