Friday, July 14, 2017

3 wishes in 1 - Tea, Dessert and Vegetarian fare

As well as food, tea is another big thing for me, be it Chinese leaf tea or English tea.
At 2dp, they serve Brewteaful tea, desserts and vegetarian food which all happen to be my thing.

It is a modern Chinese tea house that uses Chinese teas in their icecreams, cakes, bakeries and of course their artisan teas while modern vegetarian food is served on the menu as well.

Vegetarian and Tea menu:

It was good to see blackberries as not many places source them in Hong Kong.
For drinks had the Lavender blackberry tie guan yin, white rose tea and lychee grapefruit white tea.
lychee grapefruit white tea:
 Lavender blackberry tie guan yin:
 white rose tea:

Anyway, started with some vegetarian bites which were as good as expected.
The tofu bites were tasty and the cheese, potato and leek bites were crispy filled with fluffy potato filling. It was interesting to see it paired with pickled cabbage which reminds me of this Chinese takeaway in UK.

Homemade tofu balls:
 Potato and cheese potato wontons:

For dessert, I managed to scoff more than I expected because they were not sweet at all which is healthy and infused with a fragrant tea taste. The cream horns are a must try because the pastry is soft with a slight chew coated in a sweet glaze filled with fragrant tea custard. 

There are two flavours puer tea or tieguanyin.
tieguanyin custard cream horn:
puer tea custard cream horn:
The teapot cake, again in two flavours was also good because it was tea flavoured mousse with cake layers in the middle, I chose the tiegwanyin apple teapot cake because it was flavoured by refreshing apple puree in the middle.

Tie gwan yin apple teapot cake:
Finished with the icecream, again there are two flavours. Personally I liked the puer chocolate because the tieguanyin was a bit bitter.

Definitely will be back soon for the vegetarian burgers and breakfasts!~ The HAND DRIPPED TEA is also very interesting.

2DP - 2decimalplacest

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