Friday, July 07, 2017

[MO Bar] Stylish afternoon tea

MO Bar is a stylish swank bar located at The Landmark, when you go in, there is a huge bar on the right with a mirrored glass bottle cabinet where you can see all the bottles they have.
The bar was surrounded with lots of people enjoying themselves.

We sat near the back and had the afternoon tea which costs $260 per person.

There was a good selection of savories and pastries:
It was such a treat having the champagne shooter with strawberry and rhubarb because rhubarb is rare in Hong Kong and the champagne was strong with went nicely with the sweet compote.
The lobster medallion was springy and meaty, while the luscious green asparagus and comte cheese was divine.
For the veggie bites, I loved the filo shell topped with zucchini and green pea garnished with goats cheese and lemon.
Last but not least were the deliciously crumbly scones paired with clotted cream.

MO Bar:

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