Sunday, July 16, 2017

[OMQ Diningroom] Old Master Q comic themed restaurant

According to wiki Old Master Q is a popular Hong Kong comic portrayed in cartoon form in newspapers and magazines as far back as 1962 which was later serialised in 1964.

OMQ Dining room is basically decorated with Old Master Q so it makes a great tourist attraction for people to experience.

Foodwise, they serve the typical cha chaan teng stuff like Swiss wings, baked pork chops etc, fancy desserts and drinks.

I had the fancy sweet potato drink with black diamonds which was actually grass jelly. A surprisingly good drink because it was not too sweet or artificial and I liked the sweet cream on top.

The food was so so especially the lasagne which was too sweet.

Overall a great place for gatherings because it is quite spacious with baby chairs.

The seats are big enough for large people!
Not funny but funny because the character looks decapitated!

OMQ Dining Room:
facebook: omqdiningroom
777 Nathan Road, Mong Kokg

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