Sunday, July 02, 2017

[PICADA] Bigger and exciting Latin American hangout

Visited Picada before when they were on Elgin road, it was a small bar but they had great drinks and food.
Now they are at LKF and the place is 10 times bigger with a huge bar, buffet area, music area and dining area.
On weekdays, they serve big lunches with a semi buffet included, the salad selection was good.

Started with two refreshing drinks.
It was punchy with pineapple, lime, mint and passionfruit.
The Ruby Rose was sweeter mixed with cranberry juice, lime, passionfruit and grapefruit.
Chicha venezolana:
The drink tasted similar to Horchata but there was rice in it which makes it is quite filling.
I loved it because you could taste roasted rice and there were grains of rice that had a good chew to it while the drink was not too sweet or creamy.
I got the Empanadas which are like mini pies.
There are lots of fillings to choose from like beef, chicken etc but I chose the three cheese because I just love cheese and it was cheesy and satisfying.

The Peruvian Ceviche is a MUST ORDER because it is mixed in tangy Tigers milk and the whole dish is just appetizing and moreish.

This was juicy skewers of beef sirloin in Bettel sauce on top of soft and silky baby potatoes tossed in a tangy chimichurri and aji limo sauce.
Bandeja paisa:
The portion was quite big and good for sharing.
If you like chili con carne and refried beans, this is the dish for you because there is fried egg, a thick slice of crispy pork belly, complimented by the meat sauce and refried beans.
There was also avocado, arepas and a piece of fried plantain.
29 Wyndham Street

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