Saturday, July 01, 2017

[The Spaghetti House] New Ocean Bounty menu

The Spaghetti House at Wanchai is a good place for dinner during the weekdays because all the people working in that area have deserted the place.
There was a new summery Ocean Bounty menu launched for summer.
They even had sea cucumber on the menu paired with salad but I was immediately attracted to the squid ink ravioli filled with spinach and scallops that are made freshly everyday.

It was a very hot day so had the macchiato with haagan dazs vanilla icecream topped with a square cube of frozen red bean puree recommended by the manager.
Definitely a photogenic drink with a strong matcha bitterness complimented by the red beans at the bottom.

The other drink Strawberry wonderland was just simply stunning with the sexy red strawberry floating on ice.

Started with the creamy asparagus soup with scallops which is a good pairing of asparagus and scallops because both are delicate in flavour.

The garlic bread was perfectly toasted and buttered, it was crispy with a slight soft centre saturated with garlic butter.

The mussels came in a rich tomato sauce which made every mussel tasty while the sauce was great for dipping the garlic bread.

Now to the star of the show, the squid ink ravioli filled with spinach and scallops were big while the ravioli pasta was soft and hung the lobster sauce well.

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