Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pacific Coffee x Vitasoy... More than just coffee

PC celebrates their silver jubilee this year by collaborating with Vitasoy, a local brand that all Hong Kongers know.  Hence there are a collection of Vitasoy-inspired coffee drinks and food as well as a limited edition co-branded glass mug.

The Black Soya Panna Cotta with Quinoa & Chia Seed is served in this cute little mug jar with a lid so I had to get it. It was so silky and delicious with a rich bean taste and it comes with a matching wooden spoon.

For drinks, had the ​Iced Vitasoy Soyabean Milk Latte which is Vitasoy Soyabean Milk mixed with their signature 18/25 Altura coffee, with black sugar jelly added to the bottom and crispy whole oat sprinkled on top.  The taste is smooth with a crispy twist yet it was quite delightfully bittersweet.

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