Monday, March 19, 2018

Problems with Chilled/Frozen Foods in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hot place with extreme temperatures and sunshine which makes it challenging for transporting and handling food but with modern technology it should all be solved.
In some shops,  storage space seems an issue that they have to squeeze the snacks between the floor and the bottom shelf base.
Luckily they are packaged snacks.

Starting with snacks and confectionery, I find it strange that shops do not have the mentality to put them in a shaded area especially with Chocolate.

Moving on to Dairy products and Frozen goods, the sad thing is that a good majority have melted before they reach the shops and then refrozen again in the freezer there.

The amusing thing is that Chinese people believe they are lactose intolerant and blame cheese and milk for causing diarrhea when it could just possibly be food poisoning.
Personally, I have never had problems with cheese and milk in the UK but found myself getting ill eating cheese and milk in HK.

Talking about Frozen goods, lots of frozen goods are covered in frost.

Broccoli left lying around the aisle

Two bags of fries of the same brand but the colour of the one on the left is strangely dark and grey:

Hopefully these frozen goods are going to be put in the freezer soon before they melt:

Faulty fridge!

For cream gateaux and tarts, it is common sense that they are stored upright and not vertical.
The way they are stored vertically affects the products. [Will have a photo soon]

I have also noticed many restaurants that have food delivered are left outside the vicinity for quite some time before they are refrigerated/stored.

Other meals waiting to be delivered are casually on the ground but fortunately they are inside a bag.

Uncovered tofu sitting next to fresh exhaust on the road!!!

The most shocking thing that I even saw was Frozen meat on the floor at this Meat Supplier Shop.

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