Saturday, April 28, 2018

Passionately MSG Free at [Hans 漢斯]

Ever since I started blogging, my motto on my profile has always been [★☆Eating good food is partly luck, @ da right place, @ da right time and moment the food is served. Food should be eaten at appropriate temperatures too, as they taste different at different temperatures, especially when it is hot, you can't really taste the real taste.]

I feel that HK in particular, it is very hard for food to taste good the second time round hence I rarely go back to the same restaurant twice and most meats aren't fresh.

It seems that HK has too many options as well but in the UK, you would probably return to that joint once a fortnight due to choice if you live in a small town and the fact they can keep the food consistent.
Belgos/Nandos are very good examples, I used to go often and then I went back a few years later and everything still tasted the same.

Anyway, back to the food at Hans.
I noticed this joint because of their food bags which were brown and sturdy unlike the typical white ones with a nice logo so I decided to check it out for lunch. When I got there, the decor was modern and simplistic.

The lunch menu and pricing was reasonable for QB as all the restaurants in that area cost around $60-$70.

I liked their healthy concept as no MSG or colouring is used. All their ingredients are prepared for each session and if any ingredients remain, it will not be used for the next session so they can maintain quality and freshness. Tried the curry and BBQ pork with tofu.

The curry was really fragrant with a strong coconut taste while the sauce was rich and thick in consistency which went well with the rice.

My roast pork was fantastic, even though I came a bit late, the roast pork was soft and lean.
The colour was brown as they did not use any red colourings.
If you have seen people roasting char siu, quite a lot of colouring is used!!! I also chose this because the dish had soft and silky tofu which is delicious with rice. The soy sauce was not too sweet so everything was in harmony.

I can't wait to come back to try the dinner as it is quieter and portions are bigger while the menu is slightly different.

[Hans 漢斯]
G/F, 939 King's Road, Quarry Bay
Tel: 25600023

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