Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Teriyaki Chicken is here!!! [蔦 Tsuta]

Since Tsuta opened, there are now two branches.
At Causeway Bay, they have just launched the new Teriyaki Chicken Soba and Teriyaki Spicy Chicken Soba along with Deep fried chicken and some gyozas.
Chicken is much nicer compared to pork so I had to try it and the soba they use is slightly different to ones they use in the Shio Soba as it is thinner.

Same as the other sobas, you can choose how many pieces of chicken, egg etc in your soba.


[Teriyaki Chicken Soba]

[Teriyaki Spicy Chicken Soba]

[Deep fried chicken]

To summarize, the Teriyaki Chicken is quite sweet and the non spicy one has a stronger chicken taste in the broth.
For the spicy one, this one was interesting, if you eat it just as it is you get the spiciness but after you add the tomato paste in the broth it becomes more appetizing and brings out the chicken!!!!!
The fried chicken was good for sharing if one ramen isn't too enough for you but then they also have large ramens.

[蔦 Tsuta]
Shop 2, G/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

Friday, October 05, 2018

Gioconda Scott stars at Kitchen Savvy with irresistable Spanish Fare

It's Spanish month!!! Chef #giocondascott will be at Kitchen Savvy from Seville, Spain and joining the team to serve some irresistible Spanish fare!

Went to the preview at Kitchen Savvy and tried Gioconda Scott's dishes which were authentic yet served with a modern twist.

Here was what we had:

[Gioconda Gazpacho Andaluz]
This was a refreshing chilled soup great on a hot day.
With the tones of appetizing tomato it definitely was a great start before dinner.
[Bunuelo de Camarones]
The golden little morsels were just like non spicy Indian Pakoras with crispy crushed shrimps in it that gives it a lovely flavour from the coast.
[Tortilla Espanola]
Looking like the usual Spanish Tortilla,  it had a minty twist to it with mint leaves.
[Chipirones a la Plancha]
Fresh baby squids can never fail to impress and do not require much seasoning.
The texture of these were beautiful with a crisp skin and a delicate texture that gives in.
[Pan Con Tomate y Jamon]
The pairing of ham and finely smashed tomatoes were flawless.
[Empanada Chorizo y Cebolleta]
I loved the way,  Gioconda has given them a South American Empanada appearance.
Inside they were filled with chorizo which gives it a wild smoky flavour.
[Presa Iberica with Smoked Paprika, Crispy Broken Potatoes, spinach with Chilies, Raisins and Pine Nuts]
The main dish was surprisingly comforting as it looked like roast dinner complete with roast potatoes and leafy glistening spinach.
My favourites had to be the potato and spinach which had a fiery kick complimented by the sweet raisins.
[Almond Cake]
Finished with the almond cake which was loaded with finely grounded almond topped with cream fraiche.
[Churros with Chocolate Sauce]
There was churros as well which was a nice way to end the meal.

At Kitchen Savvy, they will be serving the Spanish Tapas Semi-Buffet and Spanish Set Menu during October.

Spanish Tapas Semi-Buffet Dinner every Fri & Sat this month from 6pm
HKD538 + 10%

Spanish Set Menu
1 - 31 October
Lunch & Dinner (Sun - Thur)
Lunch Only (Fri & Sat)
HKD468 + 10%

Reserve your table at Kitchen Savvy @ 3953 2213
View the menu @ www.hotelstage.com/kitchen-savvy/

Swedish lifestyle and food in Hong Kong

After going to the Swedish National Day recently I just couldn't get enough of Swedish lifestyle and food in HK.

Discovered that #tryswedish was at the Natural & organic products Asia (NOPA), it was the perfect opportunity to visit the booth.

There were so many products from beer, tonic water, chicken, grain based products and cheese.

As a cheese lover SweCheese was my top pick which is made with the best milk.

Next was the organic chicken by Polar Wings where the chickens are fed organic food and water.

Lantmannen has a good variety of breakfast products like muesli.

Ekobryggeriet AB offers organic drinks under the brands The Dirt Water Fox Brewery and Ekobryggeriet where they do not use colorings or any our sodas unnecessary additives!

After visiting the booth it was good to find out that there are more healthy and alternative options available.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Swish and Smell your teas in Wine Glasses at [Van Gogh Senses]

At [Van Gogh Senses], they are now serving fine food and cold brew tea pairing.

I found it a unique experience as the afternoon tea is paired with cold brew teas in wine glasses.

So as a tea lover, you get to try all their signature teas with scrumptious treats that are paired with it.

I love tea so it was a brilliant experience as it takes tea to the next level where you can smell and swish it in wine glasses in a stylish way.
You won't find me gulping down wine but you will find me gulping down teas as I am thirsty for tea all the time!!!

All of them were good especially the passionfruit oolong and chocolate mint tea.

Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct (Fri)
Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct (Fri)
Time: Start from 3:00pm to 5:30pm
Fee: $698 for two, subject to 10% service charge.
Call (852) 2622 2887 or email 1881@vangoghsenses.com for registration.

Monday, October 01, 2018

[A Happy Pancake] has landed in Hong Kong

This is the good thing about HK, you don't have to travel anywhere if the franchise maintains a good standard.

With these overseas branches, it is best to try it during the first few weeks when the main chefs are there and before they try adapting or changing some ingredients.

Anyway, tried the savoury first as I didn't have breakfast.
It was nice and fluffy with wheat inside it and there was no overwhelming buttery taste and they do not use baking soda.

For the savory choices, I felt that this one was a good choice as the others were mainly omelettes so that's quite a lot of egg in one ago along with the pancakes which are also made of egg.
For the sweet, the signature and the Milk Tea were tempting but chose the milk tea because as it was Japanese, I was giving it the benefit of the doubt that it would not be Chinese style milk tea!!!!!
It turned out to be delicious but it is quite sweet so don't dip too much sauce on the pancakes.
The sauce tasted like a mix of earl grey and condensed milk but as I said it was sweet so I didn't use much of it.
Also on top of the pancakes were granola and dried apples which I liked.

Overall, I loved the souffle pancakes as it didn't have that annoying weird buttery smell and I hope they can maintain the standards.

[A Happy Pancake 幸福班戟]
Shop 203-205, 2/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay
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