Sunday, June 03, 2012

Abalone and coconut milk soup @ Hess 61

On my first visit I had the lotus leaf wrapped rice with abalone, after I ordered I noticed the double boiled hokkaido milk with abalone so decided to visit it again.
Ordered the double boiled hokkaido milk with abalone which comes with noodles and the waitor asked which noodle I would like so I ordered the fish noodles.

Not long the food arrived and it was rice which I did not order, so I told them it was the wrong order, not long after that they brought over a tray which "looked" correct but it was not the soup I ordered, so after that they checked what I ordered and finally brought the correct soup.
Although they brought over the wrong dish their kitchen was really quick at serving the food.
I wished they had double checked my order when they realised they gave me the wrong dish because it was really embarassing for me and for them that they got it wrong the third time and it also makes me look like as if I was being difficult.

Anyway they finally got it right and my food arrived served on a tray, there was a bowl of fish noodles, a tea pot containing the double boiled hokkaido milk with abalone and a bowl of vegetables.
Double boiled hokkaido milk with abalone
This was contained in a tall teapot so there was a generous amount of soup in there. I doubt it was to go with the fish noodles because the noodles already had taste and there was a side dish of meat sauce on top of the vegetables.
Anyway I could be wrong and the soup could be for the noodles, but it is such a waste to put such a good soup with the noodles.
My interpretation is that it is just a soup just like other Chinese dinners where you drink it separately.
The taste of the soup tastes like chicken and coconut and the hokkaido milk was faint and the taste was not that milky.
Apart from that, the soup was very hot and it was very tiring to drink the soup because it was hard using a Chinese spoon to spoon soup from a very deep tea pot!
I poured the soup in the bowl that contained the fish noodles after I finished them, but again that bowl was huge and deep as well that it was really tiring to spoon it.
Lastly the abalone in the soup was nice and tender.
Fish noodles
I love these fish noodles and I do not know any other place that serves them.
The great thing is that there are no brittle bones in it.
The texture of these noodles were soft and aerated/foamy.
Vegetables with meat sauce
There was generous meat sauce on top of the vegetables and probably for the noodles as well if you find them bland.
Apple salad
The apple salad was nice and refreshing.

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