Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pulled pork burger by Gabriel Choy - McDonald's

Earlier McDonald's launched the pulled chicken burger which I would classify as British/Indian because of the Tandoori sauce used.
Following the pulled chicken, Gabriel Choy's pulled pork burger made more sense because he used BBQ sauce and purple cabbage slaw.
Comparing to Switzerland's pulled pork burger, Hong Kong has cheese and Switzerland has apple in it.

To be honest, it is weird there is cheese because I don't see Americans putting cheese into their pulled burgers and the bacon is optional as well.
The huge slices of tomato were a bit strange too.

Anyway, it tasted better than the pulled chicken and the barbecue sauce did the trick in other words it was a NORMAL pulled pork.

The bacon made it tastier in terms of salty and smokiness.

Thick cut fries next to normal fries.

McDonald's Pulled chicken burger by Gabriel Choy:

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