Friday, May 31, 2013

Stir fried fish noodles

Di Di Xiang (Mong Kok)

On my last visit the noodles made of fish were sold out so tried it this time.

It was about 7pm and most of the noodles and items were nearly sold out, I got the last of the cuttlefish egg patty and the Chaozhou style noodles.

Pan fried cuttlefish egg:

When they came they had a slightly golden surface which was good because they were not burnt.
They had a really delicate taste and it was slightly sweet. I did not use the sweet chili sauce on it because I felt that vinegar or chili oil was a better complement.
The major let down was that the pan frying oil or the pan that was used had a rancid oil taste which really ruined the cuttlefish egg because the oil taste was very prominent.
As for the texture, it was so soft and foamy but if you compare it to marshmallow it does not melt in your mouth and it is firmer. The texture is really similar to those Japanese white pillows at 三河屋 MIKAWAYA and Issei Nabe.
Cuttlefish eggs are much bigger compared to fish roe, they are liquid filled sacks, which are grounded to make these!
As this is a rare item there are no other cuttlefish eggs in Hong Kong that I can compare to, so I do not know if that was how they were meant to taste.
Special sauce with chaozhou handmade noodles:

The noodles came with soup, but the soup was too salty.

The sauce on the noodles were quite nice, there was so much grounded sesame seeds in it and it was slightly sour. The noodles tasted much better this time.
Stirred fried fish noodles:
Although the restaurant calls them noodles, they are basically fishball slices cut into really thin long slices like noodles.
The taste and texture is the same as fishball slices.
It is basically fine if you don't think of them as noodles and the thin stalked celery they used had a really strong taste grassy taste.

I loved the generous spring onions and they were present in every spoon I took.
Although the soup was very white looking like fish soup, it tasted like pork bone soup with a sharp pepper taste.
There are other branches of this in China and they are a fishball manufacturer in China.

A nice green surprise

Tim Hei Dessert (Causeway Bay)

I rarely walk on this stretch of Lockhart Road because it is in between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai but not really close to the MTR.

After trying a restaurant nearby, I decided to walk to Causeway bay and noticed this dessert shop across the road.

Initially I thought it was a Chinese restaurant but the decor was too bright and modern for a Chinese restaurant.
So I had to cross the road where there was a crossing and walk right back.

Luckily there was a dessert I wanted to try.

Sat myself down, and the interior was white with green tables and sofas.

The display cabinet on one of the walls was green too with lots of fruit.

My attention was immediately drawn to the Green tea sawdust pudding, so ordered that.

They also had the dessert form of flat rice noodles and rice rolls.

One of the menus on the wall was interesting too because it had Spicy crab in the middle, so I wonder if this is their dessert branch.

Green tea sawdust pudding:

I was actually really surprised it tasted nice, although it was quite fattening.
The layers tasted like frozen whipped green tea cream and it was ultra light with the occasional icy particles.
It was not sweet at all which was perfect because the delicious green tea icecream on top was sweet so the two together were perfect.
Both the icecream and layers were nice because the green tea taste was not grassy and the Oreo crumbs were fine and tasted like fine cake crumbs.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

$9 for noodles in a doggybag

城發粥麵店 (Wan Chai)

I have never tried this joint before because there are always grubby men sitting outside.

Today, the place was empty so I ordered some stir fried noodles to take out.

Stir fried flat rice noodles:As they were only $9, they were probably vegetarian and do not contain beef.
I usually pick out the beef anyway.
Basically the noodles came in a bag with a short flimsy plastic fork.

Overall the taste of the noodles were bland and there were too much beanshoots.

It felt like eating food straight from a doggy bag.

Refreshing Chinese style salad

民聲冰室 (Tai Hang)
This tiny restaurant is famous for meat patty mountains with a salted egg on top.

There was a time when the Chinese fast food chain FAIRWOOD had a similar item and for some people who have not been here before thought its was the first in Hong Kong!

Anyway, I came here to try the chicken after reading reviews that it was not spicy and the steamed egg with crab.

I tried this restaurant first even though my review for the Shau Kei Wan branch was published earlier.

I had the chicken twice at this place and it tasted different on the two visits.

Steamed egg with crab:

It was basically steamed egg with a crab on top, there was lots of soy sauce on top.
The texture of the egg was really silky but it was also quite firm when you put the spoon in it.
I was surprised that beneath the steamed egg, there was more liquid which tasted nice with the rice.

As for the crab, I only ate the crab roe which was delicious.
The crisp spring onions and the steamed egg were really good together.
Spicy chicken - first visit:

The first time I tried the spicy chicken, the dish was exciting being packed with so many ingredients in it.
There was preserved eggs, peanuts, Chinese parsley, red bell peppers, and Chinese vinaigrette.
It was almost like eating a Chinese salad because the Indian lettuce and noodles beneath it were perfect and absorbed the delicious vinegar.
However it seems to vary because sometimes they use Indian lettuce and sometimes they use iceberg lettuce.
The vinegar tasted like the Japanese vinegar used for salads.

The noodles reminded me of "Chan chuen fun" but I still haven’t had a chance to try it yet as not many places have it.
Spicy chicken - second visit:
On the second visit, the sauce was not as tangy as the first time and the lettuce beneath the chicken was different.
This time it was iceberg lettuce, which had a crunch and did not retain as much sauce as the Indian lettuce did.
The noodles were thicker this time and did not absorb as much sauce as the thin ones.
Salted lemon with sprite:

This drink tasted as good as the one I had in Macau, but there was only one piece of salted lemon.
It tasted better when there was less Sprite in proportion to the salted lemon because the taste of the salted lemon comes out more and the sprite does not taste so sweet.
As there was one piece of lemon, I only poured half of the sprite in. In Macau, they serve bottled sprite as well.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Non pork eating religions be aware, While traffic warden gives thumbs up!

Traffic warden gives the thumbs up!

Luckily the traffic warden cleared some road for the cameraman to film!


Hopefully non pork eating religions have not eaten their beef balls because according to the news their beef balls are made of pork! 

Hokkaido Dairy Farm in Central

Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant (Central)

There are lots of Hokkaido Dairy Farm branches these days and the craze for it was not as big as before.

Previously I tried the branches in Admiralty and Wan Chai.

This time we tried the branch in Central located conveniently on Wellington Street after a tasting.
Thanks to Mjqueen7e who used her groupon for this transaction.

We ordered three items and they arrived quite quickly, one of the waiters also gave us advice for taking food photos too!

Spicy pork, egg and pasta:
The pasta was al-dente and not too soggy but the spicy pork was too spicy.
It was spicier than the local brands of Spicy pork.
Roast pork, egg and rice:
This was quite similar to the Chinese version but the roast pork slices were thicker and the sauce was sweeter.
Egg sandwich:
This was my favourite because it was simple and the egg was cooked just right with fragrant egg taste.
After adding some sesame oil, it tasted even better.

New menu changes at Pung Pung noodles

碰碰麵撈麵專門店 (Mong Kok)
There are not much food options for me in MK, so I usually come here, this was my third time dining here.

The menu has changed since my last visit and the choice of noodles have changed too.

My favourite ultra thin vermicelli was not there but they now have "horse mane" vermicelli so I tried that.
I tried to ask what it was and they answered it was rice vermicelli which I already know.
I just wanted a more detailed description ie whether it was thin or thick!

Although I did not order the "horse mane" vermicelli, the table next to me had it and it was similar to glass vermicelli but slightly thinner.
Daily special:
The daily special that day was fried salt and pepper fish joints or fish joints in salt water so I chose the salt water one.
When it came I was surprised they put glass vermicelli in it as well which was a bonus.

It was quite good because it soaked up the sweet fish broth.
The fish meat that was in between the bones were silky, soft and gelatinous.
The major problem was that the whole dish was luke warm, but luckily the fish did not have a fishy taste because when fish gets cold, the unpleasant smell comes out.
Shrimp roe noodles tossed in soy sauce:

It had the same problem as the above, the noodles were cold.
So for a person who gets burnt on moderately warm items, the cold noodles would probably feel even colder for normal people.
The sauce was not as good as before because it was too sweet.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finally ..................ET is open!

ET Taiwanese Salted Flavored Chicken (Wan Chai)

When this opened I decided to go there and try it, but it was closed.

Everyday I kept passing by and it was still not open!!!

n'th attempt:

Attempt in April:

A month later I decided to try my luck again and it was finally open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However the menu was different, there used to be more choices but now it has been reduced.

On the left is the old ordering form and on the right is the new ordering form.

Basically on the new menu, you can choose the portion size according to the number of people.
I chose the portion for 2-3 people because the portion for one is usually tiny especially with chicken.

They only had the spring onion and onion flavoured chicken whereas the menu before had many other flavours.

Anyway for this set you could choose three other items to go with it and I chose guava, chicken organs and potato.

All these items were neatly stored in the fridge.

After ordering, the guy cuts the chicken with scissors into a metal bowl and the chosen items as well adding seasoning, sauces, and their signature onions,
There was a huge bowl of onions and the pieces of onions were HUGE, it was basically a whole onion sliced in half and quartered.

ET Chicken:
It was similar to Hau Hing's chicken but packed with more seasoning and additional items.
The chicken organs were not what I was expecting because they were gizzards and not liver, they were quite hard and chewy as well.
I chose guava which was also a wrong decision because the guava was not as refreshing as apple would be and the last option I chose potatoes which were not soft enough.
Even though it was not perfect, I would order it again and try other items with the chicken.
Overall the chicken was quite nice and flavorful but the onion pieces were a bit too big (slightly bigger than a Chinese spoon) and bothersome, they were raw as well.

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