Friday, July 31, 2015

Dining at the French Window Brasserie and Bar

The French Window is grand and spacious, a rarity in HK, you have to walk through a long tall corridor before you are greeted with a grand dining area.

There is a gorgeous long red bench sofa that divides the room.

At the far end there is a chic seafood bar.
We sat by the window and had two different Moët & Chandon champagnes to pair with the food.

Moët & Chandon Impérial

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial

Started off with oysters and I had La Lune and Fine de Claire.
Both were fresh and flawless.

Next we had Lobster with wild berry dressing and black truffle which paired nicely with the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial.

Each piece of lobster was springy and delicious.
Then came this sinful dish of Pan fried duck foie gras with jus, toasted brioche and gratinated turnips which paired nicely with the sharp Moët & Chandon Impérial which balanced the oiliness of the foie gras.
The brioche was just as sinful because it was soaked in butter and pan fried.

Anis flavoured roasted sea bass, fennel confit in Pastis and potato mousseline

The seabass was delicate which went well with the silky mash.
Crispy suckling pig with dauphinoise gratin, braised endive and creamed mustard gravy

The suckling pig was my favourite because the meat was tender with crispy skin that was not fat.
Halibut filet topped with breadcrumb and curry crust, served with white wine braised leeks and mussels

The mussels here are amazing, same for the French mussels below because they are FRESH and SWEET!
French Window mussels:

Raspberry souffle:

The raspberry souffle was pink and fluffy inside with a lovely raspberry taste.
Apple thin tart:

The apple tart was thin and crispy topped with thin apple slices.
French lemon pie topped with meringue:

The lemon pie was my favourite with tart lemon filling on a thin shortcrust tart.
Crème brûlée

The creme brulee was silky with a strong eggy taste.
To finish off I had this lovely ginger and pear tea which had a nice musky pear taste.

French Window Brasserie and Bar
Address: Ifc Mall, International Finance Center, Harbour View St
Phone: 2393 3812

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Juicy cheese bun!

Discovered this place on the way to the curry shop next door but ended up here because of the Juicy cheese bun!!

A pretty weird name because there's no such thing as juicy cheese, if there was it probably means the cheese has gone bad and watery.
I think they mean molten cheese.
Potential copyright problems with the superman logo?

Juicy cheese bun:

The bun was really nice and oil free as claimed but the cheese was a bit disappointing because the taste was not strong enough and there was not much cheese inside.
It didn't ooze out like shown in the picture.
The bill: $22

Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: Could be cheesier
Napkins provided: yes

Kampoeng mochi

Discovered this restaurant on the way to CEO Neway, it had a big sign with stairs leading down to the restaurant.

On the ground floor there was a small counter selling sweet treats and cooked foods.

I went for the glutinous rice mochi because the tiny box was cute with three mini mochis inside.

The mochis were not too sweet which was great because 99% of Indonesian sweets are cloyingly sweet.
Inside there was some paste which tasted like bland Kaya paste.
It was interesting because there was a salty aftertaste.

Cream cake class at IE Academie

To be honest, the only cake I know how to make is fairy cakes with a cherry or icing on top.
At IE, they have cream cake classes featuring lovely cakes.
I chose the green tea cake because the piping looked fancy and it was intriguing to know how it was done.

Before the cake was piped, we baked a huge rectangular slab of chocolate cake and used a round cutter ring to press out three slices.
The green tea buttercream was made by folding beaten egg white into butter and adding green tea powder.

Green tea buttercream was spread on each layer to make the cake base.

After the cake base was ready, it was covered all over in a layer of butter cream which helps the piping to adhere and gives the cake an all round green finish.
It was then gently marked with a knife to make it easier as a guide for the piping.
The side of the cake was piped first by piping out horizontal layers in an upwards direction which was repeated until all the sides were covered.
After that, the top was piped using a wider pipe working from the edge to the middle finished with a flowery centre.

It looked ok for my first attempt at piping but I decided to add some little stars to it to distract the visually uneven piped bits!!!

Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino : Starbucks Coffee, Hong Kong

Went to Starbucks because of some new drinks.
There was this new drink called Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino and some other drinks blended with fresh banana.

Tried the Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino which has a natural orange taste at first followed by an artificial TicTac orange aftertaste.
If you happen to get burps later on, you will get nasty orange burps!

Hong Kong's McDonalds McDelight Quesadilla

Walked past McDonalds and saw a standee for the McDelight so I had to eat it even though I was having dinner.

Basically it is a Quesadilla and there are two flavours chicken of beef.

I decided to try the beef first and come back for the chicken later but sadly they have stopped doing the McDelights so I am really gutted.
The McDelight comes in a flat box where you tear off the top half to eat.

The wrap had a flakey surface similar to a roti and it tasted like a Quesadilla with a thin Roti wrap.
Inside there was melted cheese, minced beef and chili.

The chili was way too spicy but it was really nice because the combination of melted beef and spicy chili was nice like chili con carne.
Anyway, I really regretted not trying the Hawaii chicken and pineapple that night as well.

 McDonald's Hawaiian chicken McDelight (Hong Kong):
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